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M 1 Muzik

M 1 Muzik, out of Louisville, Kentucky is heralded as a multi-purposed talent. As CEO of Open Minded Media Group. M 1 sets himself up to be the wellspring for creative and innovative musical works from various artist. Entrepreneurial in his endeavors, he also does freelance engineering and music video production to embellish his creative margin.

Of course, musical dexterity does not cultivate overnight. M 1 Muzik developed his relationship with music at a tender age. The magic and fascination of creating his first song at age nine, being the go-to at family gatherings for a solid mix of tunes, and inspiration from his older brother who also rapped would eventually lead him to record his first song at age 14. From then on, his relationship with music is history: It became as essential to his life as air is to breathe.

To date, the tenacious rapper has become a fan favorite in his hometown. He has performed all over Louisville, as well as the surrounding Kentuckiana area. From there he was able to take his act on the road nationally. His sound is heavily influenced by pioneer artists like 2PAC, Starlito, and Don Trip, yet distinctive in that he draws from his own perspective and relates to his audience on a deeper level. As a reminder to himself to stay focused, he often reflects on the pivotal moment when he was tragically shot for the second time in his life, and decided to devote his being to elevating his musical career

Latest Track

Trappin All The Way is the most recent release for M 1 Muzik!